Monday, August 29, 2011

Enhancement - Response Capture Facility Updated

The Response Capture facility has been reworked to make it easier to enter response data from external sources, remove unwanted and modify existing responses.

To activate the facility, select the survey that you wish to modify, then use the Capture menu option.

The Capture menu will only be displayed for surveys that have been previously published, changes can be made to surveys that are no longer published but the facility will only operate on the latest dataset.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting the Best Out of Survey Galaxy

The Survey Galaxy interface is designed so that new Members find it easy to use and simple to learn, but that can mean that some of the advanced features are hidden from view and sometimes a little guidance wouldn't go amiss to reveal features that may help you design better surveys.

If you would like a little guidance please view the new article added to our Article library Getting the Best Out of Survey Galaxy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spotlight - Business Surveys

Besides the traditional Customer, Employee, Marketing and Market Research surveys there are many other areas of business that can benefit from using online surveys.

From helping to write your business plan, assisting in promoting and managing health and safety and compliance issues online surveys can be adapted in many different ways.

Listed here are articles from the Survey Galaxy article library that detail some of the areas where online surveys can really benefit a business or organization.

Id Title
11. Let Your Survey Write Your Business Plan
23. The Compliance Officer's Killer Application
30. Surveys - The Effective Management Tool

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Spotlight - Employer, Employee and Human Resources

The mark of a good organization will often be that they have made the effort and established good communications between Senior Management and the workforce.

Although it is reasonable for a small business with a handful of employees to communicate with each other one on one, the numbers do not have to grow very high before the practicalities of one on one communications disappear.

No matter how large the organization, if done properly online surveys can be an effective method of maintaining the communication between the Boardroom and the coal face.

Listed here are a number of articles from Survey Galaxy's article library that are related to the Employer and Employee relationship.

Id Title
6. Why Employee Satisfaction Surveys And Employee Exit Surveys Make Good Sense
20. Have You Fixed The Broken Window?
24. I Can't Get No Employee Satisfaction
26. Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Step By Step Guide
27. The Advantages Considerations & Risks of Employee Satisfaction Surveys
28. Why Do Good Employees Leave?
29. A Manager's Guide To Redundancy
40. Are Employee Satisfaction Surveys a Waste of Time?
41. Employee Surveys – Asking the Right Questions
42. Employee Satisfaction - Why Bother?

Monday, August 08, 2011

Spotlight - Political Campaigning and Polling

Be it for the school prom King and Queen or mainstream politics communicating with the electoral register is essential when polling or running a political campaign.

Online surveys are a cost effective and efficient method to collate the concerns and preferences of the electorate and to deliver the candidate's message.

The following article from Survey Galaxy's article library discusses how to take full advantage of online surveys.

Id Title
5. Political Poll And Campaign Tool

Friday, August 05, 2011

Spotlight - Publishing, Complementing Comment

For a long time now the fashion adopted by most online media sites is to allow comments to be made against published articles.

Putting aside the problem of spam comments which is a nuisance and an unfortunate by-product of the media there is also the problem of having to filter out the insightful, cruel and abusive comments.

Like road-rage, online anonymity can reduce a debate to cheap mudslinging where it can be difficult to find any meaningful comment.

Attaching an online survey to an article can help channel opinion and questions can be framed to elevate the debate.

For people who do not have to make difficult decisions it is often easy to pretend that we live in a black and white world, in reality we all live in a world where difficult decision making comes in many shades of grey.

Today's featured article considers how to extend commenting to further engage with the readers.

Id Title
3. Want To Start A Publishing Revolution?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Spotlight - General Online Survey Articles

Survey Galaxy makes it very easy to create and design surveys.

However, the questions asked and the way they are written is down to the person using it.

The information page's article library have a number of articles that will help those that are new to online surveys to create effective surveys.

Recommended reading for anyone who wants to save themselves from some of the common mistakes that people make.

Id Title
2. 20 Top Tips To Writing Effective Surveys
9. New Rules For Online Surveys And Questionnaires
12. How To Improve Survey Response Rates
13. Designing Effective Surveys
25. Survey Galaxy - A Hosted Application
35. Multi-Lingual Surveys
36. How to Make a Survey
37. Making a Good Survey
38. The Advantages and Concerns of Online Surveys
43. Considerations for Survey Reports
44. When Customer Meets Satisfaction
45. Getting the Best Out of Survey Galaxy
46. Survey Questionnaire
47. Questionnaire Questions
48. Make Survey
49. Questionnaire Design

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Spotlight - Marketing Articles

Online surveys are being used by savvy marketers’ as an effective and inexpensive way of delivering a marketing message and at the same time collecting important demographic information.

Online surveys engage one-on-one with their audience and by requiring a response, unlike conventional advertising, ensures that the marketing message has been read.

The following are a number of articles that are available from Survey Galaxy's Article library that discuss the benefits of marketing using online surveys.

Id Title
1. Ten Reasons Why Online Surveys Are The Future Of Marketing
10. Relevancy - The New Black For Online Marketing?
14. Viral Marketing Strategies
15. Encouraging Contact
19. Learn How To Leverage Online Surveys For Greater CRM
21. Wise Man Marketing