Monday, November 05, 2012

Smart Label Management for Charts

Charts now include smart label management that will attempt to choose the most appropriate display mode for data labels in order that the labels are displayed neatly and without overlapping, no matter how long or small they are.

If the number of data labels is greater than what can be accommodated in the available space, then the data labels are either truncated (with ellipses to indicate truncation), wrapped, or rotated. Ellipses are added automatically when the label overflows beyond a predefined length. In any of these cases, the complete label is still visible to your user in the tooltip.

Due to the flexibility of format selection and the limitations of automation there may still be instances where label overlapping will occur, if increasing the size of the chart is not an option, it will still be possible to override the default smart label management format by selecting the Slant labels option from the Results Analayzer’s Display Options.