Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Make Poverty History campaign

Twenty years on from the Live Aid concerts that galvanised individuals from the worlds richest nations into positive action to help save starving people, The Make Poverty History campaign, through Live 8, staged a demonstration, across four continents, against poverty.

200,000 people attended the London Hyde Park event, that along with concerts in Berlin, Moscow, Johannesburg, Paris, Philadelphia, Rome and Toronto was seen by a global audience estimated to be in the region of 3 billion.

Bob Geldof, who with his band the Boomtown Rats enjoyed musical success in the late 70's and early 80's, inspired the original Live Aid concerts and has had his achievements recognised with an honorary Knighthood making him Sir Bob. A tireless campaigner for the world’s poorest and with the ear of many a world leader, he has through staging Live 8 ensured that the plight of Africa is again centre stage.

With the music event now over and the G8 leaders now firmly in the spotlight, we ask you in our weekly survey will Live 8 help the poor?

The chance to make poverty history

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