Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Madonna's child - Should the Ritchies be allowed to adopt?

Madonna's life has always provoked controversy and her reported planned, and Malawi Government approved, adoption of the now infamous 13 month old David Bandahas has created a new furore.

Has Madonna, and husband Guy Ritchie, used her celebrity to flout Malawi's adoption laws?

Has the boy's father been exploited?

Has a child from the developing world been turned into a commodity?

How cynical are you of the increasing number of celebrities that show their willingness to support and help Africa?

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Does North Korea Pose a Threat to the World?

North Korea has made no secret that it is actively pursuing a programme of nuclear development.

On October 9th it announced that it had conducted its first test of nuclear explosion, a statement that no country to date disputes.

North Korea claims that its weapons are just for defence, but no-one outside the country can be certain how many it has, or if it really has any at all. Some view North Korea's claim to have nuclear weapons as an attempt to force the US into concessions.

The US are worried that North Korea might try to generate much-needed cash by selling nuclear secrets and weapons to terrorists or other nations hostile to the US.

Does North Korea represent a threat to the region, or the US?

Do the UN sanctions that have been placed on North Korea since October 14 represent an act of war?

Is North Korea just taking the opportunity to demand attention while the US are bogged down in Iraq?

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Look and Feel to Survey Galaxy website

It has just been over a month now since we launched Survey Galaxy's new look and feel.

The majority of changes were to the Survey Galaxy Home page where we hope that new visitors will find all the information they require and navigation even easier.

In changing the rest of the site we have been careful to retain the Survey Galaxy simplicity and limited the changes to more relaxing colours and clearer navigation.

We hope new and old members will find the new layout to their liking but please feel free to give us your feedback as we always welcome constructive comments.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What are the Most Romantic Movies of all Time?

What romantic movie stands head and shoulders above the rest?

Were you moved by Titanic or do you hanker back to era of the black and white movie and all time classics such as Casablanca?

Which movie pairing had the most on screen chemistry, can Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet match the 40's pairing of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart or Clark Gable and Joan Crawford from the 30's?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Should Muslim Women Living in Western Societies Unveil?

The British Cabinet Minister Jack Straw, whose constituency has a large Muslim population, has provoked anger and indignation among broad sections of the Muslim community in calling for Islamic women to stop wearing the veil(niqab) covering their face.

Mr Straw says that the practise hindered community relations and was a visible statement of separation and of difference.

Mr Straw said that he had chosen his words carefully. "We are able to relate to people we don't know by reading their faces and if you can't see their faces, that provides some separation," and went on to say "Those people who do wear the veil should think about the implications for community relations."

Some of Mr Straw's supporters have added that this was an important issue that needed to be debated.

British Muslim leaders and fellow Labour MPs, have however pointed to a series of statements from ministers which they say have challenged attitudes towards multiculturalism.

Was Mr Straw right to bring the subject up for debate?

Should Muslim Women be encouraged to unveil themselves when they live in Western societies or do these comments only serve to demonstrate the lack of understanding and tolerance towards people with different faiths?

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