Monday, March 19, 2012

Update - New password restrictions

To prevent problems with the third-party applications that are used to zip and encrypt exported information we have now introduced restrictions to the characters that can be used for passwords and we will no longer allow the use of embedded spaces, nor the % or " characters.

The new restrictions will only apply to new members or existing members who change their passwords, existing members who have passwords that contain any of the characters will be able to continue to use their passwords but will be asked to change them should they be unable to decrypt exported information.

Enhancement - Setting a survey's response limit

It is now possible to restrict the number of responses by entering a Response Limit value.

A survey's Response Limit is set using the survey's Edit Details menu option and is part of the Runtime Settings.

As with all the Runtime settings the Response Limit value is dynamic and will be applied without the need to stop the survey publication.

The Response Limit is based on the number of completed responses and leaving the Response Limit field blank will indicate that there is no response limit. Once the response limit has been reached any responses that have previously been started will be allowed to continue through to completion.

Once the maximum number of responses has been reached new respondents will be advised that the survey is closed and for multi-language surveys the closed message will be displayed in the survey's base language.