Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Results Analyzer Report and Charts

We often get requests asking how the Results Analyzer's reports and charts can be printed and/or included in a Word or PowerPoint presentation.

To help our members in this respect a document that describes a number of methods that can be used to print and email the Results Analyzer charts and reports has been added to the Information page's Guides section.

Survey Galaxy - Online Cost Estimator

We have made a number of changes to our online cost estimator to help simplify the process of obtaining a quote.

Survey Galaxy's Security and Resilience Features

An overview of Survey Galaxy's security and resilience features has been added to the Survey Galaxy Information page's Policy section.

Mail Merge - New Guide

A Mail Merge document that describes how Microsoft Outlook's Mail Merge facility can be used to distribute survey invitations has been added to the Survey Galaxy Information page's Guides section. Although the document specifically deals with Microsoft's Outlook application the principles of mail merge are much the same for other Office type mail merge applications.

Using a mail merge facility is an ideal way of managing a survey and when used with Survey Galaxy's ability to pass a reference to the survey they can be used to help manage the responses so that you can identify respondents who have completed, partially completed and those that have not yet started their response to a survey.