Monday, January 10, 2011

New Slider Format

A new Slider Question/Answer format has been added to the Survey Galaxy Composer allowing respondents to register their degree of desirability between two conditions.

The following is a screen shot of a sample survey using the slider format to determine to what extent the respondent Agrees or Disagrees with a particular statement.

The new slider format is an extension of the Data Entry Field format.

Choose the Slider format from the Field Data Type selection list, specify the Left and Right answers then click on the Save button.

Results Analyzer

When the slider results are analysed through the online Results Analyzer the report will show the degree that all respondents chose between the two answer options.

To view a sample survey containing questions utilising the slider format try the Sample Survey - Slider Format

Monday, January 03, 2011

New Feature for 2011

We would like to wish all our Member's the very best for the New Year and are pleased to introduce a new feature that will enable the Results Analyzer report to be exported to Microsoft Word format and for the individual charts to be displayed as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and also supply the Flash charts as separate BMP images.

An Export button that will activate the facility has replaced the Results Analyzer's Print button.

The Export button will display a selection of Export formats and provides the facility to include a reference which may prove useful if the reports are using filtered results, in which case the reference could be for example "Male only Responses".

Once submitted the request will be queued for processing and when completed a confirmation Email sent providing a link to the requested formats. The documents are delivered in a zipped format protected with the Member's case sensitive Survey Galaxy password.

The charts can be supplied as individual static BMP images and/or as Flash object's that will provide the full Flash interactive experience such as hover text and for pie and doughnut formats, rotation and slicing.

Downloads will also be listed in the Results Export section of the Show Survey Details screen.